05 March 2009


from : blog cina-islam (http://www.idhamlim.blogspot.com/)

"TWINS Ryan and Leo Gerth share a mum and dad - but not the same colour skin. Born to a Ghanaian mother and a German father, Ryan is white and Leo is black. Experts say pairs of black and white twins are so rare they only occur in one in a MILLION births.

Senior doctor Birgit Weber, who helped deliver the tots by caesarean section in Berlin , said that in 20 years of practice this was the first time she had seen different coloured twins."


masyaallah.. this a miracle.. one in a million.. Begitulah kekuasaan Allah yang Maha Mencipta dan Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Agung.. Lihatlah wahai Umat Islam sekalian, renungilah penciptaan Allah ini.. Bukakanlah mata hati kamu agar kamu mendapat hikmah & pengajaran di sebalik kejadian ini..

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